• 1. Appropriate collection of personal information and the scope of use and provision

    The Company shall collect personal information always in an appropriate manner within the limits necessary for attaining the clearly identified purpose of collection, and the Company may use and provide it within the limits consented to by the relevant individual.

  • 2. Protection, management and security measures for personal information

    The Company shall take appropriate measures for safe management of personal information to prevent leakage, loss, damage, unauthorized alteration, and other risks to personal information and also take necessary corrective measures therefor.

  • 3. Laws and regulations on the handling of personal information

    In performing operations involving the handling of personal information, the Company shall comply with laws, regulations, national guidelines and other standards concerning the handling of personal information.

  • 4. Continual improvement of the compliance program

    In order to ensure the complete protection of personal information, the Company shall review a system for management of personal information as appropriate and improve it continuously.

  • 5. Disclosure, correction and discontinuation of use of personal information

    If there is a request for disclosure, correction, or discontinuation of use or of provision to a third party of information, the Company shall confirm that it is a request by the person concerned, and shall, in the absence of special reasons, accommodate it to the extent reasonable and within a reasonable period.

  • 6. Complaints, consultation and inquiries regarding personal information

    The Company shall strive to respond in good faith promptly to any complaints, consultation and inquiries regarding personal information.