Act on specified commercial transactions

Company Name JD Sign Co., Ltd.
Address 〒870-1112
2079-1 Shimohanda,Oita-City, Japan
Contact Facebook Page
Representative Tamiko Tajima CEO
TEL +81-97-597-5555 *Japanese Only
Telephone reception time 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
* We will notify you of our closing times during summer business holidays/New Year's holiday and temporary closing through our Information page.
Mail Address
Problem / complaint:
Price of goods Displayed by item.
Required fee other than item price
  • consumption tax
  • Shipping cost

    The shipping is basically at a flat rate of 650 yen (tax excluded) throughout the country.

    *Currently we are not accepting orders to areas where relay fee of Sagawa Express will take place. Please note.

  • Customers who want gift wrapping will be charged additionally.It is 300 yen per piece.
Delivery time Credit card, PayPal: We will ship within 7 days after ordering.
* Can not be shipped overseas
* Shipped in around 5 business days.
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
Please check NEWS for long vacation.
Expiration date of application Only credit card payment and PayPal are accepted.
No expiration date is set for the order.
Limited time only items are indicated as such at the time when those items are displayed.
In the unlikely event that we run out of stock after you have ordered any item, we will inform you individually.
Canceling, returning, and exchanging orders for items etc In principle, we can’t accept any return/exchange except for when there are defects in our products.
(Always check the delivered items for confirmation when you receive them.)
We can’t accept any return/exchange in the following cases:
  • You have already worn the item.
  • An item appears to have been tried on due to being dirty.
  • If 8 days have passed for no particular reason after the item has been delivered.
Cancellation is accepted only within 24 hours after you place an order.
For details, see the FAQ.
Return deadline Please contact us within 7 days after you receive the ordered item.
Return shipping fee In the case of defects, we will pay the charge.
In any case other than the above, you have to pay the charge.
Payment Method You can choose between credit card payment and PayPal.
Due date for payment Credit card: when ordering
PayPal: When ordering