How can I pay the bill?
You can choose between credit card payment and PayPal.
Returns and Cancellation
You cannot cancel or return the items you have ordered in principle, except for defective items.
We carefully inspect our products before shipment, however, you can request exchanges only in the unlikely event of defects as follows:

1. Any defect in the material found before wearing the item (We don’t accept any item after you have worn it.)
2. Any defect in the print (For details, see the FAQ.)
3. Fading of the ink caused by washing (Natural deterioration is excluded.)
4. Any mistake in the printed Kanji characters for your name/size (i.e., any mistake we make in your order)
In the above cases, we can accept an exchange within 7 days after you receive the item.
Please note that an exchange is not accepted 8 or more days after you have received the item.

If you request a cancellation/exchange, always contact us via our Facebook Page
If there is any defect in the item you receive, we will exchange it with the same one immediately. If the item is out of stock, we will give you a refund.
Except for the case of receiving a defective item or an item that is different from what you have ordered, you have to pay the delivery charge for returning the item to us.

* Depending on the orders and/or conditions of items, you may be unable to cancel your order.
* We only accept returns by the methods designated by us.
Can I change the design/size?
We will not accept any change after you place an order in principle, however, when you want to change the size or if you find any mistake in the spelling or Kanji characters, the change may be accepted by contacting us via our Facebook Page if your order has not been sent to the factory yet. Please inform us as soon as possible.

If your order has already been sent to the factory, you can’t change the order as it has already been completed, including the body for print. In this case, we can’t accept any change in your order, including the size.

We don’t accept telephone inquiries.
Please use our Facebook Page for contacting us.
Can I cancel my order?
We can accept cancelation only within 24 hours after you place an order.
When do I have to request returns, refunds or exchanges?

Within 7 days after you receive the item you have ordered, make a request to us by e-mail or our Facebook Page.
(Such a request made 8 days after you have received the item can’t be accepted by us for any reason.)
Attach a photograph so that we can determine whether the reason for your return (exchange) meets our return policy.
As for how to return the delivered items, we will inform you via our Facebook page.
If you don’t return the ordered item by 15 days after making a request to us for the return/exchange, we consider the request to be cancelled.

If you have something please contact us from the following inquiries.

【contact information】
Problem / complaint:problem@mitena.jp

MITENA Facebook Page