When are ordered items delivered?
After confirming receipt of your payment, we will ship them in a week.
* A delay in shipment may arise depending on the volume of orders placed (our busy season is from June to September), stock and other reasons.
We would appreciate your understanding about the above before placing an order. Please also check the Terms of Use (Article 4: Purchase of Products).
How much is the shipping charge?
The shipping is basically at a flat rate of 650 yen (tax excluded) throughout the country.
*Currently we are not accepting orders to areas where relay fee of Sagawa Express will take place. Please note.
In what condition is the item I order delivered?
It is delivered in a bag dedicated for home delivery.
Each item ordered is packed in a specially designed plastic bag for delivery after being individually and carefully folded free of charge.
As for our gift wrapping service, see the section “Is a gift wrapping service available?”

For details, see the sample shown below.
Delivery in bad weather, natural disasters or bad traffic conditions
Delivery of ordered items may be delayed in some areas depending on bad weather, natural disasters or traffic conditions.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.

We use Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. for delivery.
Missed delivery of ordered items
When the delivery of the ordered item is missed due to your absence for a long time or any other reason, the parcel is kept by the delivery service provider for a certain period (around a week after the missed delivery date). After that period has passed, the parcel is returned to us.
As for the returned parcel, we will inform you again, if possible, in order to make arrangements for keeping it further and redelivery.

As described on our website, you can’t cancel your order for personal reasons as we adopt a make-to-order system.

Please see the Terms of Service (Article 4).

You gain possession of the item you ordered once we receive the payment. Please note that an item that is refused to be received or that is returned due to missed delivery caused by your long absence will be kept by us for a month (the time limit for returns) and we will regard that you have abandoned possession of said item and agreed to its disposal by us after the time limit. In this case, your money will not be refunded at all.

If we cannot confirm your contact address and/or payment after billing, it should be noted that we will take necessary measures including legislative action.
Can you send items I order overseas?
We are very sorry but we only ship within Japan. If you want to send our products as a gift to your family or friends living overseas, please send them by yourself after you receive them.

If you have something please contact us from the following inquiries.

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