Is a gift wrapping service available?
Yes, it is. (An additional 300 yen is charged.)
What are the applicable operating systems and browsers?
The applicable operating systems and browsers are as follows:
Applicable operating systems
・Windows: 7 or later
・Mac OS X: Mavericks or later
・iPhone: IOS9
・Android: 4.4/5.0/6.0

Applicable browsers
・The newest version of Chrome (for Windows, Mac or Android)
・The newest version of Firefox (for Windows or Mac)
・The newest version of Safari (for Mac or iPhone)
・The newest version of Microsoft Edge (for Windows)
・Version 11 or later of Internet Explorer (for Windows)
・Android Browser
Delivery Slips and Receipts
A delivery slip is included with the shipment of the ordered item(s).
The name of the person who has ordered the item(s) is indicated on the delivery slip.
As for corporate customers, enter the corporate name in the “Full Name” box.

* If you don’t need a delivery slip, check the “Unnecessary” box for a delivery slip when you place an order.
The ordered items are packed individually in a transparent plastic bag printed with the logo of our company and then packed in a brown paper bag (or a cardboard box if the ordered amount is large) for delivery.

Each item is packed individually in a plastic bag after being folded carefully in our factory, however, the item may move in the bag depending on the material and/or the condition of transportation, which may cause the item to become wrinkled.
Please note that this case is not applicable to our return & exchange policy as it is not a defect.
Can you enter my name on the receipt?
Your name is not indicated on the receipt when it is issued. Please enter it by yourself.

The format of the receipt we issue differs depending on the payment method.
About data
The data used for the production of ordered items is not retained.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but if you want to order the same item again, please reenter your data and place an order again.

If you have something please contact us from the following inquiries.

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