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Visitors to Japan often buy T-shirts with Kanji characters printed on them as souvenirs. For Japanese, however, the meaning of these characters is often embarrassing… It may be difficult for non-native Japanese speakers to understand the meaning of Kanji characters.

All the creators of MITENA are Japanese. Only the Kanji characters selected by them are used. As those Kanji characters, as well as the designs, are cool even in the eyes of Japanese people, this is nice not only for souvenirs but also for daily use!


The special printer we use, called a garment printer, features printing at a reasonable cost even for only one T-shirt. Moreover, the print is better in texture than printing by other methods. There is no look or feel of just “sticking something on a Tshirt”, which is often seen on printed T-shirts.

Your name is set before printing in order for the creator to fine-tune each character. You can actually pick up the T-shirt and feel the high quality.

New designs are added one after another!

As MITENA has Japanese designers in our project team, we will offer new designs at all times. Seasonal items may be offered. We hope you'll be looking forward to it.

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