JD sign co.,ltd.

COMPANY JD sign co.,ltd.
ADDRESS 〒870-1112
2079-1 Shimohanda,
Oita-City, Japan
TEL +81-97-597-5555 *Japanese Only
FAX +81-97-597-5166

If you have something please contact us from the following inquiries.

【contact information】
Problem / complaint:problem@mitena.jp

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  • haruhi

    Hello! Featuring colors and designs that are so pretty they will make you feel full of life all day long while you wear them, these T-shirts are designed with the essence of Japan, making them a must for fans of Japan.

  • naccyan

    Hello! I’m Nacchan: ). I am in charge of the design of the characters. I hope you will find Kanji characters and words that touch your heart. I hope Kanji characters will become more popular all over the world!!

  • nori

    Our designs are based on the idea that we would like to express the attraction of Japan through the combination of Kanji characters, some of the most complicated characters in the world, and the beautiful landscape or illustrations of Japan.

  • mac.hiroshi

    Hello to all the fans of MITENA throughout the whole land of Japan! Our items can give you a new understanding of the beauty and charm of Japan. Give them a try!!

  • shutoh

    Though our designs mainly focus on gorgeous Japanese patterns for women, we are trying to use a broadly applicable approach so that men and children can also wear our items. We hope you will enjoy feeling the “Japanese style” even through the aesthetics/ appearance of our items.

  • megane

    My favorite food is ramen. It would make me happy if you like my favorite design.

  • Cray Fish

    We hope you will feel the sophisticated beauty of Japanese-style Kanji characters, which have developed independently from the original style over a long period of time after coming from China, as well as the wildness of the characters’ original style. We would like you to enjoy Japan even more with this T-shirt.